Coventry University strengthens connections with SWPUL

Opening ceremony (Source: He Ming)


Principal Fu Zitang delivered a speech (Source: He Ming)


David  Pilsbury delivered a speech (Source: He Ming)


Group photo (Source: He Ming)


In the morning of September 11th, Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL) and Coventry University worked together to offer a project of undergraduate education of Bachelor of Laws-- held an opening ceremony at the Academic Report Hall in Yu Cai Teaching Building, with guests come from British and more than 130 teachers and students to celebrate the anniversary of cooperative education project achievements, and outlook a bright future of collaboration.


President Fu Zitang announced at the speech that our school has been strengthening the reform of education operation system and exploring new approach to higher education system under the background of globalization. More than 70 colleges and universities in about 20 countries now have educational exchanges with our school, and Coventry University’s collaboration with our school is a new and exciting phase of development with the joint delivery of the Bachelor of Laws. For a year, we work together and accomplished the intended purpose of communication and mutual learning. The combined experience provides them with a unique opportunity to develop key skills with a unique focus on clinical legal skills, and offers students an international experience and the opportunity to have an international law career.


The principal said that our school had been named as the "the first national training base of talents with legal proficiency”. Students who study the joint program are offered specific focus on clinical legal skills, which can enhance prospects for an international law career, and English language support provided in SWUPL and in Coventry to prepare you for international study and work a competitive advantage when seeking employment.


Officer from International Exchange and Cooperate Center, Li Shiyu noticed that this dual-award project will be providing students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in international commercial law issues and SWUPL in cooperation with the Coventry University is to meet the diversified needs of China's cooperative education. She hopes that the cooperation could strengthening cooperative projects by the Chinese and foreign universities. Coventry University has received a prestigious award from one of China's leading education organizations in recognition of its outstanding education work in the country.


The British Consul General in Chongqing, Tina Redshaw said it is honored to witness the jointly foreign cooperative education project opening ceremony. She said that Britain and China have close cooperation in many issues, not only in political, economic ties, but also in the cultural exchanges and cultural ties. The cooperation of two excellent Universities is an important bridge connected our two countries, and she looks forward to the extension of cooperative education to other subjects. Vice president of Coventry University David Pilsbury firstly congratulated the successful students that passed the college entrance examination. The multi-level and multi-type higher education teaching methods used at SWUPL have led to a strong reputation for providing students with a solid grounding and understanding of law, from which their potential is unlimited. And Coventry University also gradually offers a modern teaching environment to students with facilities to provide practical legal skills to prepare students for a legal career, which aids educational development and employment of students.


Dean of economic law school, Sheng Xuejun briefly introduced the project over the past year. Since the project started, SWUPL are promoted from the enrollment, teaching management of international exchange and cooperation projects. Besides, president Sheng shared his idea about how to do a good job in this foreign cooperative education study, firstly, that students should improve their ability in English; secondly, is to expand the knowledge background and cultural vision; thirdly, is to develop a kind of legal literacy. A student representative of this foreign cooperative education project, Wang Hanrui said he would catch this unique opportunity to develop skills with a unique focus on clinical legal skills.