Bo Xue building——the fourth teaching building



Bo Xue building, also known as "the fourth teaching building" (referred to as the "four teaching") As one of the third phase project of Yubei campus of Southwest University of political science and law, it was completed in August 2004. Located on the south side of the playground in Beiyuan, and west side of the north gate of the school, the main building’s structure style is semi-open quadrangle. The layout are divided into north and south, with two parts connected with each other through the entrance hall and overhead bridges. Atrium space has various plants in different seasons. More than 130 rooms used for teaching, conference, office space, Its total construction area is about 3 million square meters. To reflect the temperament of the University of political science and law, exposed walls are in light grey tiles, supplemented by a large area of glass windows and glass bricks to enhance lighting effects. (Source: Capital Construction Department)