YuXiu Lake and Yuxiu Building



YuXiu Lake in YuBei campus of Southwest University of Political Science and Law is facing the Yuxiu Building and BoXue Building, backing to the library, and it is built in 2003. The lake before its construction is a very ordinary small valley. The name of this lake derived from YuXiu Lake in ShaPinba campus. The name-YuXiu, means beautiful hills and waters, also people of talent coming forth in large numbers. In a small amount of rain season, the lake is about one meter deep,while in rich rain season, it is about 2 meters deep. There are aquarium fishes and edible fishes in the lake. These fish not only bring us viewing, also play a purifying effect on water, which is good for water use. YuXiu lake covers an area of 20000 square meters, delicate and elegant, trees by the lake shade the street all the year round, blossoms scent pleasantly .It is a bright pearl in the Southwest University of Political science and Law.


YuCai Building was built in 2002, commonly known as "the third teaching building", mainly for the building function, 5 layer 1 floor underground layer to the ground. It’s reconstruction and building expansion was launched in 2011, which lasted 14 months,  more than 80 new rooms were added , which can accommodate more than 4000 students in class , It’s construction areas in total cover more than 30000 square meters.